What my 1 year old eats in a day!


I’ve worked really hard to make sure Arthur isn’t a fussy eater. When I first stated weaning him, I only gave him veg puree and refused to give him fruit so he wouldn’t get used to the sweet taste. It worked. He now eats anything. I also refused to give him anything but milk and water. He has NEVER had juice and he got his first taste of cake and chocolate on his 1st birthday and if I’m honest he wasn’t really that fussed about it.

Here is what he had to eat and drink today:

7am – approx. 7oz of whole cows milk

8am – Weetabix with whole cows milk, banana and half a slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter.

10am – half a pear and a drink of water

11.30am – avocado, smoked mackerel, boiled egg and wholemeal bread. Then he had an orange and a few teaspoons of greek yoghurt for pudding along with a bug drink of water.

2.30pm – He usually has a snack at this time but today he slept through because he was up a little earlier this morning and wouldn’t have a nap yesterday. I would usually give him some cucumber/carrot sticks.

4.30pm – chicken, bacon and leek risotto with some cottage cheese mixed in. Broccoli and cauliflower finger food. Then he had a banana and some water.

6.30pm – approx. 7oz of whole cows milk.


I always make sure he has lots of fruit and vegetables every day and that he has one portion of oily fish every week. I always try and mix up what sort of meat I give him as well instead of just sticking to chicken and he’s tried every single vegetable that you can but in average supermarket. His evening meal is usually whatever I’m having.


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