I’m Back!

Soph and arthur
Mammy and son!

So I’ve been really quiet for a little (long) while. Not to make excuses but being a single mam with a full time job doesn’t leave much spare time. But on top of that I’ve been launching my new business.

Let’s have a catch up.

My last blog was back in January where I set myself 4 goals. Let’s see how I’m getting on with them.

  1. Get organised.

Well I must say I think I am a little more organised. But how organised can one be with a toddler destroying the house every second? Since being back at work full time (January) I have had to make more of an effort to be organised and I feel like I’m starting to get a good routine going for myself that fits around Arthur’s routine.

2. Loose weight.

Haha. So I stopped going to Slimming World to save myself some time. I said to myself, “I know what I need to do, I can just do it myself.” This obviously didn’t work. I’ve been running now and then (more then than now) but I’m almost back to the weight I was when I started Slimming World the first time. Whoops!

3. Take more care in my appearance.

Well I could argue this. I went on holiday to France so before I went I got my hair done (first time since before I had Arthur), eye lashes (semi permanent by my friend down the street), and eye brows waxed (went to a posh spa and they burnt my eyelids and ripped quite a bit of skin off, hopefully it won’t scar). I’m using the eyelashes as an excuse not to wear makeup. So I am taking more care, I just need to keep on top of it now.

4. Socialise more.

Well this hasn’t happened. Full time work, single mam, business start up. Need I say more? Although I did meet a friend for dinner last week. She lives 5 minutes away and it’s the first time I’d seen her since Christmas.


Did anyone else set themselves goals this year? I’d love to know how you are getting on with them! There’s still time to make a change. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.


I’ve got loads planned for this blog. I want to share my new business, family meal ideas, updates on Arthur, things to do with an almost 2 year old and general single mum life.


Speak soon!

Sophie x



Organising Christmas as a Single Mum!


Christmas if fast approaching and I’m feeling overwhelmed. There’s so much stuff going on that I can’t keep up. I now can’t leave the house without my diary.

The day my sister is coming home has changed 3 times. I think we are now settled on the 21st. Or maybe it’s the 20th? Actually,  have no idea.

I have my work Christmas party in Ilkley (yes, I’m going to have to drive) on the 8th December. I need a babysitter. More stress.

Then Arthur is a Shepard (last year he was about 5 weeks old and played Baby Jesus) in the nativity in Durham Cathedral on the 23rd December which has just changed from the 18th this morning. Originally, on the 23rd I had a Winter Wonderland thing booked which I am no going have to change to god knows what date.

On the 22nd I have my yearly spa evening with the girls. And I am not bloody missing that as I missed last year. Recovering from giving birth and going to the spa do not mix. That is also the day everyone breaks up from work so finding a babysitter is going to be tough.

On top of that I have Christmas dinner to organise. I have wreaths to order for my mam and uncle’s headstones. It’s our first Chrismtas without my mam and I’m dreading it. She LOVED Christmas. I have a Turkey to order. I have table decorations to sort out. I have the house to clean and tidy. I have decorations to sort. The list is endless.

I also want to take Arthur to Fenwicks window in Newcastle and we have a dinner with Santa booked. The date…no idea.

I have no spare time in a normal schedule. I have no babysitter, I work 3 days a week (full time after Christmas) and I do all the cooking, cleaning, ironing, tidying and food shopping.

Does anyone have any tips for getting organised? Maybe I just need to chill out and take it as it comes.

Wow….I’m stressed just writing this! HELP!!!!!