What I bought on Amazon Nov/Dec

We all love Amazon right? Here is what I bought in November and December.

Xtra-Funky Range iPhone 7 / 7 PLUS AUX Headphone Jack Adapter cable – White

iPhone 7 doesn’t have anywhere to plug headphones in so I got a little cable for it instead. Only £2.99!



CrazyGadget® 42L 42 Litre Large Flexi Tub Garden Home Flexible Colour Rubber Storage Container Bucket – MADE IN U.K. (Without Lid, Sky Blue)

I’m using this as toy storage. It fits loads of toys in and it’s easy to just throw everything in at the end of the day and pop behind the couch.



2Dymo S0717930 Omega Home Embossing Label Maker – Blue

I don’t know why but I just wanted a label maker. 2018 is going to be an organised year so I figured this will help.



Dymo Embossing Tape Self-Adhesive, 9 mm x 3 m – Assorted Colour, Pack of 3

Refills for label maker. It actually came with one already in.




100pcs Gift Tags/Kraft Hang Tags with Free Cut Strings for Gifts Crafts and Price Tags Scalloped Tag Style Color Rectangular With Heart

I love these. They are handy to have in for Christmas/Birthdays/Christenings or pretty much any other gift.

£1.69 for 100.




Owl- ruler growth chart

This is to wrap up for Arthur for Chritmas. I wanted to start this on his 1st birthday but totally forgot about it.




Flash Powermop Starter Kit

I have a cream, shiny tile floor all through the downstairs of the house and as you can imagine with a 13 month old who feeds himself it is ssssooooooo hard to keep clean. I’m sick of filling mop buckets up every day. I saw this on Sarah-Jayne Fregola’s YouTube channel and it looked fab and very easy to use.




What I bought on Amazon in October

So it’s the start of another month. It’s November and you know what that means? Only 1 more pay day until Christmas (assuming December’s pay comes at the end of December after Christmas).

Are you prepared? Have you started/finished/thought about Christmas Shopping? Well this year I have and I am almost finished. I started early this year as I have spent most of the year on maternity leave so I knew that a few months pay at the end of the year just wasn’t going to cover Christmas Shopping, parties and all of the food, booze etc you need.

So what I bought on Amazon in October is mostly Christmas presents for Arthur, other babies I know and my sister. And I have to say I picked up some bargains.

Let’s get stuck in!

First up we have this adorable Elf Outfit for Arthur. How cute is he going to look! It cost £5.97 and comes in a range of sizes from 0-24months.



Next up we have  a Wooden Puzzle Clock at only £2.56. This will be a Christmas present for Arthur. There’s a few different puzzles on this list. It keeps him busy and at this price you can’t go wrong.



Next is the Wooden Alphabet Jigsaw at £3.15. Arthur’s still probably a bit too little for this but hey ho!



Then there is the Wooden Shape Jigsaw Puzzle at £1.99. Can you see a pattern emerging? I actually bought 2 of these and I’m going to give one to my friends baby for Christmas with the Manhattan Teether you will see below!



As mentioned above here is the Manahttan Rattle and Sensory Teether which was £9.99. If you’ve got a teething baby and you’ve never come across this before then I can’t recommend this enough. I have one for Arthur and when he was a bit younger this would keep him entertained for ages! I first came across it in a baby sensory group I used to go to and he wouldn’t put it down so I bought him one.



Then I got 3 Baby Farm Puzzles at £5.99 each. One for Arthur and one for a friend of the families baby for Christmas and the third is for a girl who I met at a baby group’s son who turned 1 yesterday.



The last toy on the list is these Wooden Hand Rattles at £1.59. I ordered 2 of these as well. One for Arthur and one to go with my friends baby along with the Manhattan Teether and the puzzle.



Next we have something I am very excited to try. Maybe this makes me sad, I don’t know. Mane&Tail Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve read some amazing reviews about how it leaves your hair thicker, shinier and more manageable so we shall see. I got 2 of these because this is a Christmas gift my sister will LOVE! You can get the shampoo and conditioner for £7.98 which is really cheap compared to some other good brands out there.





Now something else for me, although not very exciting. I’ve been trying to do some running so I got myself the iPhone Armband which is Sweatproof &Weatherproof. It also has a little pouch for your keys and a little bit of money. Now I can listen to music in the hope it carries me round. It was £7.79 and I have to say I was actually quite impressed with the quality of it for a bargain!



Finally, something that’s long over due and it can’t come fast enough as I’ve dropped my new phone about 3 times today is the OtterBox Strada in Burnt Saddle Brown. I’m a massive believer in a good phone cover and I usually go for the Apple ones but I fancied a change so I picked this up for £24.99. You can get different colours that are cheaper but I’m a massive fan of the whole burnt saddle/tan colours.



So there you have it. That’s everything I bought from Amazon in October. Some stuff hasn’t been delivered yet so when it does I’ll pop a little review up.

Over and out!

MamaB x