The routine of a 12month old!

6.30am Wake up

6.40am Think my mam hasn’t realised I’m awake (I have but just can’t drag myself out of bed) so I better start screaming)

6.41am – My mam has come in and stripped me off to change my nappy. I really want some milk and woul rather sit in a heavy, wet nappy so I can have it sooner. I better kick up a massive fuss so she knows.

6.45am – That didn’t actually take that long and we are heading downstairs. Finally, I get a massive drink of milk.

6.50am – Finsihed my milk really qiock and want more so scream.

6.55am – Mam has given me some more milk but I’ve just realised I don’t want it anymore.

7am – I just did a massive poo. Told you my mam should have waited to change my nappy because now she’s going to have to out up with me screaming while she changes it because I want to play.

7.05am – WOW! A clean nappy feels so much better. Now play time. My favourite toy is the remote control and a packet of baby wipes.

8am – Breakfast time. Today I’m having Weetabix, Banana and toast. I eat it all as quick as I can because my mam pretends to eat it and it’s just not a fun game.

8.30am – I want a cuddle so I’m following my mam arounf the kitchen pulling at her leg. She pciks me up and I realise I don’t want a cuddle so I wriggle to get down. Then my mam sits down with her breakfast and I decide I actually do want a cuddle now.

8.45am – Upstairs with mam while she gets ready. I love pulling the toilet roll like they do on that advert with the dogs.

9am – I think my mam needs a coffee

9.30am – In the car. I wonder where we are going.

9.40 – YYYEEESSSSSSSSS! I’m on my Trike and not in my pushchair. I love these days. When I throw myself backwards and forwards I go faster (he thinkg he makes it go himself) but my mam holds on to the pole at the back to slow me down. Spoilt sport.

9.50 – This is so much fun! My mam keeps saying ‘Brum brum’ and I am copying her. My hands are getting cold though. Maybe that’s why she keeps putting them things on my hands but I just keep throing them away.

10am – In the coffee shop. I am having an orange and my mam is drinking that hot black stuff and eating something the same colour. If I stare at her long enough she might give me a taste.

10.01 – It worked! It was chocolate cake! I wish she’d let me eat this for every meal time.

10.20am – Bank on my trike. Brum brum.

10.30am – We are going so far today. We have gone the length of the whole sea.

11am – Walking back to the car now. I don’t want to go home.

11.30am 0 Back home and I’m so excited for my dinner. I’m having beef stew and vegetables.

12noon – That was so nice. I had a yoghurt for pudding.

1pm – nap time. All that sea air got me tired.

Check back next week for my afternoon routine!

Love Arthur 🙂


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