I feel like I have totally neglected my blog and vlog over the last week or so. The reason….I have a teething 1 year old who just won’t be out down. Luckily, he’s just gone for a nap and up to now all is quiet but I’m not holding my breath that he will stay that way for long.

Arthur has had a really tough few months. It all started at the beginning of October when he had Croup. The cough still hasn’t 100% gone and he’s been on and off with a cold since then. Then he had his 12 month injections last Friday which knocked him to pot for about a week. Just when he got over that his molars have decided it’s time they start niggling their way through.

So what do I do when teething starts? Well, there’s nothing much you can do. My wisdom tooth came through a few weeks ago and I was up all night taking pain killers and stealing Arthur’s Anbesol so what chance does a baby have? I wish I could take it away.

Now it’s his molars he’s the worst he’s ever been and he has a sore bum and is running a bit of a temperature (38.8). Regular Calpol, Anbesol and Ashton & Parsons powders is the only thing to take the edge off. It’s also handy to remember that they hurt more when they lie down. So when your little one goes to bed on a night don’t be surprised if they want to be picked up constantly. They just feel more comfortable when they are upright. Last night I had to prop myself up on lots of pillows and Arthur slept on me, tummy to tummy. I got no sleep at all but at least he was a touch more comfortable.

Now, all I can do is hope they come through quick. Poor baba!


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