A good deed for Christmas

In the build up to Christmas I always take a few minutes to think about those who are less fortunate. Last year should have been my best ever Christmas. Arthur was born 6 weeks earlier and I was in my own little bubble. It ended up being not as I had planned. 3 weeks before Christmas my mam was taken into hospital and then 1 week before Christmas we found out that her cancer had come back. The day we found this out, our family dog who we had for 14 years had a huge stroke and sadly we had to get her put to sleep.

My mam was discharged from hospital, just in time, and we finally put the Christmas decorations up on Christmas Eve. All of us just wanted it to be over. This year I am going to try so hard to make Christmas special and I’m starting some traditions for Arthur. But at the same time it is out first Christmas without our mam. The thought just kills me.

So, brining me back to the title of this blog…A good deed for Christmas. Every Christmas my mam would donate to charity on behalf of my sister and I. She would always say they need the extra money more than we needed the extra gifts. And she was right. This is something I want to continue and do for Arthur. Of course I’ve got him some presents but now I feel like I’m almost finished, but not quite, buying for him. So I have stopped and donated the rest of the money to St Benedict’s Hospice Christmas Appeal in my mams memory. They did a fantastic job looking after my mam and if I can help 1 other family then I will be a lot happier this Christmas. Because I have donated to the Christmas Appeal they have sent me a card with my mams name on and we are going to their ‘Light Up A Life’ Carol Service on Sunday where the Christmas Tree lights will be switched on.

I have also been getting a lot of messages from friends asking if Arthur wants or needs anything for Christmas. Truth is, he doesn’t. It was his birthday in November and he has ssssooooooo many toys (half he doesn’t play with) and a wardrobe full of brand new clothes. So instead, I have asked them all to donate £5 to the hospice as well. I emailed the hospice to tell them what I was doing and asked them if they could print a certificate for Arthur once all donations have been made. I plan to do this every year and then when Arthur’s old enough and we talk about my mam, I can show him all of his certificates and tell him how he helped.

Here are some other ideas for a good deed at Christmas:

  1. Post a message on Social Media saying you are not sending Christmas Cards out this year and instead donating the money to charity (something else my mam started doing).
  2. When buying your children presents, spend £10 less on them and donate it to charity.
  3. If buying Christmas cards, get them from a charity or select the ones where a % of profits is donated to charity.
  4. Do you know someone down the street with no family and who lives alone? I know I do!!! Why not send them a Christmas card? Or buy them a £2 box of chocolates? Or take them a piece of Christmas Cake? Knock on their door instead of pushing it through the letter box. It will take 2 minutes, cost next to nothing and it will mean the world.
  5. You know your children will be getting lots of new toys for Christmas so why not have a clear out before hand and donate the old toys to a charity? There’s loads of other places you can donate toys too. I give Arthur’s to the hospice. They have a play room for children to go to when they are visiting. It’s such a scary place for a child so a playroom they can go to and be a child again is just amazing.

All of the above are either free, or cost a few pounds. I will be doing everything on the list this year. Who’s in?

Imagine if everyone did 1 good deed this Christmas!

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