Things to do with a 1 year old!


Entertaining a 12 month old can be quite hard work. In the last 6 weeks Arthur’s had Croup and constant colds and coughs so we’ve been trying to get as much fresh air as possible to try and get rid of all the germs and to (hopefully) help him sleep better on a night.

Here are my top things to do:

  1. Get wrapped up on go for a big walk with Arhur’s trike.

So I wanted to get Arthur a trike for his birthday last week and they were all a fortune. I was looking at the ones with a 5 point harness and comfy seat and a little cover thing for sun/rain protection. Then I saw one in Decathlon for £27.99 and got him a little helmet to go with it. Truth is he absolutely loves it so I’m so glad I didn’t spend a fortune on one. I didn’t think he would sit on it that long but he actually cried when I lifted him off it after an hour! The pictures are on his birthday weekend with his Granda, Uncle Patrick and Auntie Tatie (Katie).

2. Find some free/cheap baby groups.

Chances are your local church hall has a baby/toddler group where they ask for £1 and you get a free cuppa. If nor check your local Sure Start Centre. There’s also an app called ‘Hoop’ that lists all sorts of thing that’s going in in your area.

3. Messy play.

If you value your carpet/flooring you need a big plastic sheet for this. Or alternatively I use Arthur’s paddling/ball pool. I put angel delight/edible paint/homemade slime or anything I can get my hands on and strip Arthur down to his nappy and just let him get messy. This is a great one in summer in the garden too.

4. Fun Shack

You will need paracetamol!!!!

Our local Fun Shack has a soft play area for 0-2 year olds. Arthur would rather be outside but it’s great on a rainy day.


5. Enrol in some adult and baby swimming lessons.

They don’t need to cost a fortune. I know some companies charge around £150 for 10 lessons but go online and find your local Everyone Active Centre. You sign up and pay 18.75 per month. This works out at approx. £4.30 per lesson and the group I go to is for babies aged 5-36months. Once they get to 36months they will just get moved into the next group. To go swimming on your own is £4 so I think this is really good value for money. Swimming is great for babies and drowning is one of the biggest causes of death in babies and toddlers so it’s a great idea to start swimming lessons ASAP.

6. Arrange a play date!

Talk to another mam every week at baby group? Ask her if she wants to come round for a coffee for an hour. Kids are a lot less work when they have another human the same size as them to play with. They might actually be distracted long enough for you to finish your coffee while it’s still hot.

If you don’t want to invite them over then arrange to meet in a park or at the Fun Shack. A bit of adult conversation now and then makes the day a hell of a lot easier!


So there you have it. My favourite things to do with my 12 month old.

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