5 tips for Single Mums!

Being a mum is hard work. Being a single mum and having a job is really hard going.

I only work 3 days a week at the moment but I’m going to be full time after Christmas and I am getting really terrible stress headaches from worrying about how I am going to manage.

At the moment Arthur goes to nursery every Monday and Tuesday morning so I can work. On an afternoon and Wednesdays I try to work from home. If I’m not then my dad has to look after him.

On a Thursday and Friday I do the food shopping, clean, tidy, iron, cook, go to a baby group, take Arthur for his weekly visit with his dad (which I have to stay for), visit my Grandparents, go to Slimming World and catch up on any work that I may have missed Mon-Wed if I was working from home and Arthur wouldn’t let me.

Then on a Saturday I take Arthur to his swimming lesson at 9am then go out somewhere for the day. Sometimes have a ride up Northumberland and go for a long walk, head into town, go for dinner, go to the park or anything to get some good fresh air and spend some quality time with Arthur.

Sunday is washing day. You’re going to laugh but I get free electricity on a Sunday (it’s just the tariff we are on) so I have in my head that I have to do ALL of the washing on a Sunday. I also cook a joint of ham and a chicken every week.

So with the above in mind I started thinking….HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO FIT AN EXTRA TWO FULL DAYS AT WORK IN???????

I needed to make some changes and try and free up some time. I have 6 weeks to sort it out so I am going to share some of the things I have done that have started to work for me. I by work I mean I have been doing this a week and already seen the benefits.

  1. Write a meal plan


I was sick of dinner time coming around and eating the crappiest meal ever because I had nothing to make a decent one. I don’t mean crap as in unhealthy, but like having some veg and a boiled egg because I hadn’t taken any meat out of the freezer. You get the idea. So every Sunday night I am going to write out the weeks meals. This also ties in with my next point because from this you write your shopping list.

2. Do the weekly food shop online.


I hated the idea of weekly online food shops. I heard that they give you the stuff that’s about to go out of date and delivery is a fortune. Not true. I did my first online food shop this week and I am 100% going to continue to do it this way. The dates on everything was fine and I opted for the 8pm-9pm delivery time (Arthur would be in bed and not crawling around my feet and pulling everything out of the cupboards as I put them away) and it was £2. It costs more in petrol to drive to the supermarket and back.

After I’ve wrote my meal plan, I write a shopping list. And I buy what’s on the list and nothing else. Not only am I saving time but I’m saving a fortune as well.

So far I have spent 30 minutes writing my meal plan, shopping list and ordered the food to be delivered the next night.

3. Spend 5 minutes each night planning the next day.


Get the nursery bag packed. Get your work bag packed. Get clothes out for yourself and baby. Pack the nappy bag.

Going out for the day? Make the packed lunch and put it in the fridge!

Going swimming the following morning? Pack the swimming bag and leave it at the front door!

Look on your meal plan and get anything you need from the freezer out to defrost.

I’m not joking, 5 minutes every night saves a lot of running around, stress and breakdowns the next morning.

4. Write a to do list and write EVERYTHING in your diary.

I have a note pad that I call ‘Sophie’s Brain.’ Everything I need to do goes in there. It’s an ongoing to do list. What bills I need to pay, appointments I need to make, birthday cards I need to buy, Christmas presents I need to buy, things I need to post, what I’m writing my next blog about, what I’m filming my next Vlog about…you get the idea. I run this alongside my diary. If something’s not in my notebook or in my diary I will forget about it.



5. Don’t let life get in the way of what’s important…precious time with your baby!

Easier said than done and this is coming from a major stress head but try not to stress it. What’s the worst that’s going to happen if you’re 5 minutes late to the nursery drop off? Or you do eat veg with a boiled egg for dinner because you forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer in time. Or your baby’s t-shirt doesn’t match his trousers because the washing hasn’t dried? Nothing will happen!


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