Armadillo Flip XT Travel System Review

2Shopping for your first pram is tough. There’s so many different makes, models and colours available that it’s a bit overwhelming. I thought I’d jump in and write a review of the Armadillo Flip XT which was the pram I eventually opted for.

I ordered it from Fenwicks and in total it cost me £599. I do believe they’ve come down in price as new models have become available. I know this is a lot of money but I wanted something that was going to last Arthur from being a new born baby until he no longer needed a pram anymore. I also wanted the extra carrycot so he would be lying totally flat for as long as possible.

I opted for the khaki colour as I thought it’s long lasting and would also do for boy or girl.

The pram is easy to assemble and to put up and down when you’re going to and from the car. While using the carrycot part you have to take it off before you can fold the pram frame which is very easy to do. The carry cot itself is very sturdy, safe and comfortable. There’s a little mattress in there and has a hood that pretty much covers half of the cot. Once baby is in you can cover with blankets and then put the carrycot cover over which fastens with magnets and two little clips.

Once Arthur outgrew his carrycot (earlier than I hoped for because he was sssssoooooo long) I swapped it for the pushchair bit.


This bit has a 5 point harness, can be used rear or forward facing and it also lies flat. The foot part also folds back up so legs are flat if baby is sleeping or lying down. Arthur is very comfortable in this bit. One criticism I have is that the hood isn’t very sturdy. When He’s lying down and the hood is up it often flops back. Arthur turns 1 tomorrow and I still have him facing me. He can still see what is going on but at this age I still think it’s important for him to interact with me as much as possible.

This will now fold down as 1 unit unlike the carrycot bit.


It is still very easy to put up and down and fits fine in the boot of my Astra. I have now bought a Footmuff as we are getting into winter and it still folds down easily with that attached.

Most of the material parts of the pram come off and can be washed. The pram part itself (where Arthur sits) wipes down easily but I bought a liner that I could just take off and pop in the wash. The rain cover comes with it and I ripped it trying to put the pram down with rain cover still attached (totally my own fault) but you can pick up replacements for quite cheap. The basket is also a great size. I can fit absolutely all sorts of stuff in there. The pram also comes with a little cup holder.

The £599 did not include a car seat which I know some do. And I’m not sure if the car seat I bought would clip on the frame because I never tried. You aren’t supposed to have a baby in a car seat for very long so why clip it on to your pram when they can be lying flat in a lovely comfy carrycot? There was some sort of car eat adapter thing in the box when the pram was delivered but I didn’t really pay much attention to what they were.

Truth is 1 year on I still love this pram and that’s saying something because I get bored easily. I still love the colour and the style and I’m so glad I picked it.

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