Organising Christmas as a Single Mum!


Christmas if fast approaching and I’m feeling overwhelmed. There’s so much stuff going on that I can’t keep up. I now can’t leave the house without my diary.

The day my sister is coming home has changed 3 times. I think we are now settled on the 21st. Or maybe it’s the 20th? Actually,  have no idea.

I have my work Christmas party in Ilkley (yes, I’m going to have to drive) on the 8th December. I need a babysitter. More stress.

Then Arthur is a Shepard (last year he was about 5 weeks old and played Baby Jesus) in the nativity in Durham Cathedral on the 23rd December which has just changed from the 18th this morning. Originally, on the 23rd I had a Winter Wonderland thing booked which I am no going have to change to god knows what date.

On the 22nd I have my yearly spa evening with the girls. And I am not bloody missing that as I missed last year. Recovering from giving birth and going to the spa do not mix. That is also the day everyone breaks up from work so finding a babysitter is going to be tough.

On top of that I have Christmas dinner to organise. I have wreaths to order for my mam and uncle’s headstones. It’s our first Chrismtas without my mam and I’m dreading it. She LOVED Christmas. I have a Turkey to order. I have table decorations to sort out. I have the house to clean and tidy. I have decorations to sort. The list is endless.

I also want to take Arthur to Fenwicks window in Newcastle and we have a dinner with Santa booked. The date…no idea.

I have no spare time in a normal schedule. I have no babysitter, I work 3 days a week (full time after Christmas) and I do all the cooking, cleaning, ironing, tidying and food shopping.

Does anyone have any tips for getting organised? Maybe I just need to chill out and take it as it comes.

Wow….I’m stressed just writing this! HELP!!!!!


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