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Slimming World progress certificates, recipe book, plan book and magazine.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned.

I just wanted to write a quick blog about Slimming World. After having Arthur last November I struggled to loose my baby weight. Then my mam died in March and I put on even more weight and found myself heavier than I have ever been. 14stone 6lbs.

I decided to do a cleanse and I lost 8lbs in 9 days but I obviously wanted to loose a lot more than that so on 22nd June I went along to my local Slimming World group.

I was greeted with the warmest welcome anyone could wish for. I wasn’t nervous about going but I can understand a lot of people are and they are made to feel instantly at ease the second they walk through the door. I sat through the new member talk, paid my £9.95 membership (each week after is £4.95) and went off to get weighed. Everyone is weighed at the beginning of each group and nobody else gets to know your weight so it’s very confidential.

The plan takes a little getting your head around but I have to say I LOVE IT! You can eat absolutely all sorts of things including carbs and let’s face it, carbs are our friend. In the first 3 weeks I lost 8.5lbs. WOW!

Now, since I have started I have had quite a few naughty weeks. I’ve had a hen night, a wedding, a two week holiday, a baby shower (involving more cake) my sisters birthday (I made a massive cake) and my birthday. But to date I have lost 1.5 stone which I think is pretty incredible as I don’t feel like I am actually dieting.

My top tips:

  1. Plan your meals before you do the weekly food shop. Write a shopping list based on your meal plan and stick to it. Not only do you have no naughty temptations at home but you also save money. I bought the ‘Free Food Feasts’ book from my group and a lot of my meals come from that. A favourite is the Mighty Meatzza which is a pizza with a meat base instead of bread. It tastes so naughty but it’s what us Slimming Worlders call a SPEED meal.
  2. Take a friend. I’m sure we all have a friend who wants to loose a bit of weight. Taking a friend keeps you motivated.
  3. Stay to group. Don’t just get weighed and go home. Staying to the group really helps as you pick up lots of hints and tips and boosts your self confidence. You also meet lots of lovely people. It’s also my hour a week where I am me, not mam. My group is 7.30pm so I put Arthur to bed and my dad babysits.
  4. If you have a bad week still go and get weighed. We are all going to have weeks where we gain a little weight but by still going to the group you will get the motivation you need for the week ahead. Miss it and it’s more likely you’ll gain again the following week.
  5. Use your consultant. They are there to help and no question is stupid. You will have contact information so if you need help during the week pick up the phone or send a message. We also have a private Facebook group where lots of members post meal ideas.

Anyone thinking of joining Slimming World I would just say GO FOR IT! What have you got to loose apart from all of those lbs!!!

If you want to find some inspiration of healthy meal ideas then check out my Facebook page ‘MamaB.’ I will be posting a lot of SW meals on there over the next few weeks!

Speak to you all soon!


Sophie x

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